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Clos LaChance Wines LLC



come "cinco de drinko" with us sunday, may 5th!

Sunday-FUNday just got even more FUN with this festive celebration that's free to attend!

Come for the wine & beer, tacos, chips & salsa, and guacamole... Stay for the dancing!

Clos welcomes for the first time, "Given to Fly" band. They will have you on the dance floor, 12-3pm. 

"Given To Fly is a band that draws inspiration and energy from Rock, Pop and Soul music. You know all those songs that bring you back to a certain time and moment in your life? Those are the songs we play. Joe, Mike, Louie and Van are the architects of musical fusion that will take your party to new heights. We play music that will make you dance and vibe at any event."