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Clos LaChance Wines LLC


"Absolute Perfection"

“Thank you so much. It was everything we dreamed about and more. All our friends said the winery and the service was impeccable. Thank you thank you thank you……absolute perfection.”

"Simply Breathtaking"

“CLC was the perfect venue for our wedding! The beautiful scenery, Tuscan design and backdrop was simply breathtaking! We had Michelle Swensen’s help as our wedding coordinator and couldn’t of asked for a better person to work with during the wedding planning. Her meticulous details made the process painless for us. The best part about getting married at CLC is coming back to visit and recapturing our special day each time. We love CLC!”

"Everything We Dreamed It Would Be"

“Of course, we wanted a perfect wedding day. But we never realized how a great wedding team – location, vendors, and staff – can really make or break the day. Our wedding day was perfect, but we have more than just our family and friends to thank.

Clos LaChance was THE perfect venue. The staff at CLC worked closely with our caterer, Le Papillon, to pull the entire event together. We didn’t need to worry about who arranges the tables and can someone put out our menus and candles on time; CLC and Le Papillon worked together to set-up, execute, and break-down. There were no concerns as to timing of events, the dinner presentation, or drink refills. The entire day flowed smoothly. Our guests still talk about our wedding: the great service, the fantastic food, and the great dancing, thanks to DJ Raffi from Sound in Motion. CLC, Le Papillon, and our DJ have a great working relationship which translates into pulling off a great event.

Our guests enjoyed themselves so much, that many of them made it a point to thank our vendors directly and our friends and family still ask us for vendor recommendations. Our wedding day was everything we dreamed it would be because, instead of focusing on pulling off the event, we got to enjoy our time with family, friends, and most importantly, each other. That is what the perfect wedding day should be all about. Thank you Clos LaChance for an amazing wedding!”


"For starters, my wife was not allowed to throw in her 2 cents on venue choice because I had this place already picked for us. I had been to a wedding at Clos previously and always said if I ever was sane enough to get re-married, this would be the place. Fast forward, I bring the bride to be to Clos for wine tasting, and SLAM. DUNK. She loved it (I knew she would.) I think it’s safe to say that we had the  greatest and most amazing wedding ever assembled at Clos LaChance Winery.

We hired Michelle as our coordinator and she was awesome. The flower arrangements were spectacular, the photography was excellent, the food, catered by CordeValle next door, was phenomenal. Our DJ was great, everything was great! The cake was delicious. I could go on…the key was that all vendors that my wife and I hired had either worked together at Clos for previous weddings or have done weddings at Clos and were familiar with the winery.

Let me put it this way: Our wedding was so phenomenal, it’s been featured online. It wasn’t due to us spreading the word either. It was just that awesome. Half of our friends were from Canada and to this day, they STILL talk about how awesome our wedding was.

The scenery during the Autumn season at Clos is breathtaking.  Another reason why our wedding was the greatest and best wedding of all weddings at Clos LaChance. I truly believe we inspired most of our friends to either get married, or if they were already married at the time of our wedding, inspired them to bear children. THAT, is how awesome this place is, and how awesome our wedding truly was.

I highly recommend you get married here, even if you’re already married. Your wedding won’t be as epic as ours was, and you won’t create families from being so emotionally overwhelmed by the haunting beauty of our ceremony, but it will still be pretty good, and reasonably priced as well."

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