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Our Services


Vineyard design and installation

Estate Vineyard Management has over 20 years of designing and installing vineyards throughout the Bay Area. We will work with you to create a custom plan specific to your site, needs and vision. 

vineyard maintenance

From installation, to pruning, to harvest, and everything in between, Estate Vineyard Management will ensure your vines are healthy and look beautiful, year-round.

From soil to sipping

Estate Vineyard Management has the benefit of being associated with Clos LaChance Winery. Not only will we make sure your vines are pristine and your grapes are maintained with sustainable practices, you will have the unique opportunity of savoring the wine made from your grapes. Visit our Tasting Room at Clos LaChance, we are open daily!


 OUR team

matt patridge

Vineyard Manager: Matt started installing vineyards back in 2009 and it has been his passion ever since. He is involved in every stage of the process and prides himself on the premium services EVM provides.  408.712.3107

jason robideaux

VP of Winery and Vineyard Operations: Jason embodies the phrase, "Soil to Sipping." From analysis to instillation, harvest to fermentation, packaging to presentations, Jason is a master of them all.  408.686.1050

stefanie padilla

Customer Service Coordinator: Stefanie is here to answer questions and help you get started with our team! Simply call 408.686.1050 and she will walk you through our services, the step by step processes and getting started.  408.686.1050

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