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Clos LaChance Wines LLC



Visiting & Events

Tasting Room Open Daily 11:00am-4:30pm


September October November
Sept. 1: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 3: Closing at 3pm Nov. 2: Closing at 2pm
Sept. 6: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 4: Closing at 3pm Nov. 3: Closing at 2pm
Sept. 7: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 5: Closing at 3pm Nov. 9: Closing at 2pm
Sept. 12: Closing at 2pm Oct. 9: Closing at 2pm Nov. 10: Closing at 2pm
Sept. 13: Closing at 2pm Oct. 11: Closing at 3pm Nov. 30: Closing at 2:30pm
Sept. 14: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 12: Closing at 3pm  
Sept. 19: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 17: Closing at 2pm  
Sept. 21: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 18: Closing at 2pm  
Sept. 26: Closing at 2pm Oct. 19: Closing at 3pm  
Sept. 28: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 24: Closing at 2pm  
Sept. 29: Closing at 3:30pm Oct. 26: Closing at 3pm  
(please click here for our calendar of events)

Clos LaChance Winery is open to the public daily for wine tasting, tours, picnicking and bocce ball.  The winery is a stunning Old-World-inspired facility located in San Martin, California, only 30 minutes South of San Jose and 45 minutes North of Monterey. Click here for a map and directions to Clos LaChance.

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Clos LaChance offers a variety of wine tasting programs and tours. The winery also hosts special events throughout the year, including live music at “Time for Wine” (Thursdays, Memorial Day through Labor Day) and “Groovin’ in the Grove” (Sundays, May through October). Click here for more details about what to do while visiting Clos LaChance Winery.