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Clos LaChance Wines LLC


Can I bring my children to the winery?
As of September 1, 2015, the entire Clos LaChance facility is 21 and over. Children (including babies in strollers) are not allowed at Clos LaChance during tasting room hours and at public events. The only time children are allowed on property is during a private event when the facility has been rented out in its entirety.

I brought my kids last time to the winery? Why can’t I bring them now?
Clos LaChance made the change to its policy as of September 1, 2015 for several reasons:

First and foremost, the core business of Clos LaChance is the production and selling of wine. As our facility has grown and the tasting room has become busier, we want to ensure all our guests have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy our products–wine. Creating the appropriate environment for all our guests is very important to us.

Secondly, while Clos LaChance is a hospitality facility, we are also a production company. A factory so to speak. It is an unsafe environment for children to be in. We have had several close calls with unsupervised children found in unauthorized, potentially dangerous areas. The decision to go 21-and over was made to ensure an incident does not happen.

Do the winery owners dislike children?
Clos LaChance is a family-owned and operated business. Owner’s Bill and Brenda Murphy are the proud grandparents of four children. They love them dearly, so much that they have named several wines after them and other children of our staff members  (Lila’s Cuvee, JoLi Meritage, Hadley’s Cuvee and the soon to be released Twin Clone Cab™ for the twins, Jax and Rye).  They do not dislike children. The entire family and the staff feel that children are safer and happier elsewhere.

We were married at Clos LaChance. It was such a perfect and spectacular day. Can we bring our children to the winery to see the most beautiful place in the world to have a wedding?
Everyone at Clos LaChance holds a special place in their hearts for our brides and grooms. Please contact and we will arrange for a private tour during off-hours for your family.

I am a super happy and totally satisfied Wine Club Member. I am coming to the winery to pick up my Wine Club shipment and buy an extra ten cases of wine for the fabulous party I am having next week. Do I have to leave my kid in the car?
If you are coming to pick up a Wine Club shipment or to buy wine to take home, you most definitely do not have to leave your child in the car.  Your child may accompany you into the tasting room to pick up or purchase wine.  However, we will not be able to provide you with your complimentary tasting at that time. But because our Club Members receive complimentary tasting as part of their membership, feel free to come back anytime without the kids.